ThrivingLocally utilizes Paypal merchant services to conduct all transactions on the ThrivingLocally Marketplace.

  1. AutoBilling

1.1.  You authorize ThrivingLocally to keep your paypal account adress on file and to charge the account on file on the first day of each subscription period.

1.2.  You authorize ThivingLocally to charge the paypal account on file in the case of a transaction refund that that been declared by ThrivingLocally as per “Transaction problems or disputes” section of the DOs and DON’Ts of Buying and Selling on ThrivingLocally.

1.3.  When your account is debited, you will receive an email from PayPal to the email address on file letting you know the amount charged.

1.4.  If your card or bank account on file with us is closed or the account number is changed, or if, for any reason, a charge is rejected by your card issuer, you must update your card and bank account information or supply a new card number, as appropriate, in your ThrivingLocally account. If your charge is refused by the issuer for any reason, you may be subject to penalties such as the suspension of privileges and/or termination. Your authorization applies to any successor or replacement card you provide.

1.5.  Suspended or terminated members remain obligated to pay ThrivingLocally for all unpaid fees per our Terms of Use.

  1. Alterations to the Billing Policy

2.1.  ThrivingLocally reserves the right to alter the Billing Policy at any time and to make the use of the online platform subject to new or additional contractual terms. Members will be notified of any alterations or additional terms and these will come into effect as soon as they are accepted. Should you not accept the alterations, ThrivingLocally is entitled to terminate the user relationship.


End of document

Effective Date: April 01, 2014.

ThrivingLocally reserves the right to alter these policies at any time.