Paloma Joyfull Paloma Joy attended fashion school and graduated with a diploma in 'Fashion Design and Merchandizing' in 2008. During her studies and years following graduation (while working fashion retail) she realized how convoluted and toxic the industry really was and she slowly stepped back and removed herself from the world of making and selling clothing. During her step back, Paloma started to discover her true self and the magic of simplifying her life, which included selling all her sewing equipment. In the fall of 2018 a spinal injury caused her to slow down a little bit more and remove herself from the grind she was accustom to. By spring 2019 new inspiration had hit and Paloma was driving down island to buy all her equipment back off of her best friend she sold it all to 4 years prior!!!As things shift around us at a drastic pace, I realize it is time to get my clothing out to the world with out compromising my morals, values or the honor I holds for myself and the planet! I trust fully that the path I have been on has played out in this way to bring me full circle! I am so excited to be here now, holding the skills and the passion to create quality clothing that is ethical and holds meaning! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! We are all in this togetherPaloma Joyfullxo

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