A good guide to follow is your provincial farmers market regulations when it comes to foods.  And if you are going to sell your food beyond your city borders or in a commercial supermarket then you enter into a  whole new level of requirements.

Download VIHA’s Pocket Guide for Temporary Market Foods

These are taken from the BC Farmer’s Market Association:

  • apple sauce
  • brownies
    bread and buns (no dairy or cheese fillings)
  • butter tarts
    pies (fruit filled only, no cream filled or cream based)
  • cakes (icing sugar only, no dairy or synthetic whipped cream)
  • dry cereal products
    chocolate (provided it is used for re-melted or re-molded products only and (1) not purchased from
    bulk bins; (2) sourced from a chocolate manufacturer that can provide a certificate of assurance that
    chocolate is free from Salmonella).
  • cinnamon buns (sugar icing only)
  • cookies
  • dried fruits
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • fudge
  • hard candy
  • honey
  • jam and jelly (pH 4.6 or less or aw of 0.85 or less)
  • muffins (no dairy fillings)
  • popcorn
  • noodles (dry flour and water only, no egg based)
  • pickled vegetables (vinegar base, pH 4.6 or less)
  • relish (vinegar base, pH 4.6 or less)
  • wine and herb vinegar
  • syrup
  • toffee
  • salsa (if pH and Aw within acceptable ranges and the food contains no animal protein. If whole or cut
    tomatoes are used as an ingredient, then the pH of the final product must be less than 4.2.)

For products not listed above, please consult your local Health Authority.


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