Automate your Local Delivery Process

PLUS no commissions!  that’s right ZERO!

With the Local Delivery service application included* in your online shop you can harness the power of the convenient delivery apps like Door Dash and Skip the Dishes….

BUT but also skip the outrageous 20-30% commission!

This is essential for business such as:

  • Florists 
  • Alcohol Delivery
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Grocery Stores
  • … and more!

Receive Order

Shop owners receive an emailed order alert that a local customer has made an order based on the shop settings. 

You can set a wide range of variables such as:

Assign Order

Shop assigns the order with the click of the button to the delivery driver(s). 

IMPORTANT : Delivery drivers are not provided by ThrivingLocally.  These drivers are ones that the store owner has made delivery service arrangements with.

Drivers must also set up a (free) delivery driver account on ThrivingLocally.

Driver Gets Notified

Once the order is assigned the driver is notified by email that they have an assignment.

The driver can then open up their Delivery Service Dashboard to view all of their assigned delivered but current and historic.

Driver Pick-up

Based on the order alert and the arrangements you have made with your driver(s) they would then arrive and pick up the package(s) to be delivered.

Driver Delivers

Once the package has been picked up the driver makes their delivery to the customer location.
Driver then updates the order in their Delivery Service dashboard as “complete” and they are done!

Customer and Shop are Updated

As a final setup in the delivery process an automatic email is sent to both the store owner and the customer to let them know the delivery is complete. 

Choose your plan

A plan to fit all stages of your dream business building journey!

*All plans have transaction fee of 3.0% + 35 cents per cart transaction (This is the PayPal/Credit Card  processing fee)
and 32 cents when you make a withdrawal (no matter the amount)

The Start-Up!

$ 5
99 Per Month*
  • Everything you need to sell online!

  • 10 Shop Listings

  • Variable Listings (inc in 10)
  • Service Listing (inc in 10)
  • Event Tickets (inc in 10)
  • Downloadable Listing (inc in 10)
  • Shipping by "Distance"
  • Shipping "Local Pickup"
  • Shipping by "Weight"
  • Shipping Tracking
  • Powerful Shop Dashboard
  • Sales reports & exports
  • Customer history
  • SEO tools
  • Customer support inquiry
  • Inventory Manager
  • Webstore Banner: basic
  • No Tax, GST, PST, HST options
  • Sale scheduler
  • Vacation Mode
  • Online Reviews
  • Get paid whenever you want
  • Vendor Education & Support

The Go Get'er

$ 10
99 Per Month*
  • Everything in the Start-up Plan plus:

  • 25 Shop Listings

  • Bookable Listings (inc in 25)
  • Accommodation Listing (inc in 25)
  • Subscription Listings (inc in 25)
  • Group-on Listing (inc in 25)
  • Digital coupons
  • Store hours (control cart visibility)
  • Store Analytics
  • Webstore Banner: advanced

Jumping All In!

$ 15
99 Per Month*
  • Everything in the Go Get'er Plan plus:

  • Unlimited Store Listings

  • Local Delivery System
  • Delivery/Pick-up Time Slots
  • Delivery Driver Account
  • Staff Accounts
  • Future App