Together we can do this and eCommerce will help

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has deeply impacted the lives of millions of people across the world and local small businesses owners are especially affected by these changes with the requirements for social distancing and “stay-at-home” recommendations causing many businesses to close or drastically scale back operations calling for us to adapt and find creative solutions to the problems at hand.

Communities right across Canada are struggling trying to figure out how to support their local businesses in this crisis before they are gone for good.  The most solution to facilitate business transactions that can not longer be done face-to-face is through online shopping.


The biggest challenges in the search for an eCommerce solution:

  • they need something immediate,
  • they need something that is easy,
  • they need something to connect their community,
  • they don’t have the time or resources to invest 1000’s of dollars and hours.

ThrivingLocally is here to help and provide that solution!

We are here to help communities adapt to these challenges with an online eCommerce marketplace dedicated to local small business making buying local online is both easy and convenient.


Our mission is making “local eCommere easy”

Key highlights of the ThrivingLocally platform:

Dedicated to LOCAL, independent, and small businesses

ANY type of business can join and sell online (not just product based).

Sell services, activities, events, classes, subscriptions and more!

EASY – In fact you can be up and selling online the very same day you open your account.

FREE!  Our starter package is free and loaded with features.


From free to very economical

upgrade to the $10/month or $20/month to unlock a few more features without breaking the bank

Pricing plans


Easy-to-use webstores

A major focus has been making the eCommerce webstores to be easy and as economical as possible because we know these are huge stress points for small and micro business owners trying to add when it comes to eCommerce.

eCommerce Webstores for local small businesses



Marketplace pages make it easy to find businesses in communities

Customers can easily find and shop from their community businesses!

Community eCommerce


Adding listings is easy just “fill in the blanks” + “upload photos”

The webstore operations work on the same premise as operating a facebook page, you only need to fill in the blanks and upload photos – no coding or website design needed.  Owners can be selling the same day they sign up! 

Vendor Dashboard


It’s time to start thriving…locally

Looking to start a business or add eCommerce to your business?

Open a webstore for FREE on the ThrivingLocally marketplace!  Designed with all the features that a local small and micro business needs PLUS we made it EASY!

Go to this link for more information and to sign up

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