Enter the Wisteria Community Association aka Stone Soup, one of less than a handful of local not-for-profits who have stepped up to provide a basic need for any of us – food and water. Each and every night this group provides bagged dinners for approximately 150 unhoused people plus a bagged breakfast for those who want one. They are also able to distribute things like vitamins, clothing, warm socks, shoes, sleeping bags etc. that have been donated to them by those who care in Nanaimo.


Up until December 3rd. the Wisteria Community Association was a regular feature on Wesley Street in Nanaimo, feeding the folks living rough there and others who knew where to come to obtain nourishment. As a result of a fire in some of the tents on December 3rd and the City of Nanaimo’s decision to “evict” all the residents, during a pandemic, these folks have been displaced to other areas of Nanaimo, making providing food that much harder.


While donations of clothing, etc. and food are very much appreciated, A much-needed kitchen has been leased for five years. Renovations are being done and equipment is required. Some food must be purchased to supplement that obtained by donation. This will allow hot food to be given to people needing it, especially during the cold months of winter. Expenses like these require financial help in the way of monetary donations.  


Please help us to keep running this vital program, while plans are made by other organizations to end homelessness, once and for all.

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