Chief Amazement Officer (CAO) – Craig Hanson

(aka – Chief Executive Officer)

With formal training in project management and planning Craig tends to view everything in life as a project. Whether it is building a peanut butter’n jelly sandwich or a life changing internet platform like ThrivingLocally he tackles them with the same successful approach – “you need to plan the work and work the plan”.

Responsible for overseeing the complete operation of ThrivingLocally in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans (the vision and mission of our communities).

Entrepreneurial blood pumps through Craig’s veins. Small business is his passion and starting at the ripe old age of 18, owning a few small businesses of his own like a movie rental/arcade shop (Hard Rock Arcade), a computer drafting and 3D modeling business (Digital Visions), a SnoCone vending stand (Island SnoBizz), to real estate investment (VIrent2own) he understands what makes a small business owner tick and his passion is to enable the local small business to thrive online! So ThrivingLocally was created.

Favorite Life Advice so far:
“Whatever you focus on in life the most…becomes the change your focus and change your life”





Ambassador Of Buzz (AOB) – Amanda Young

 (aka – Chief Creative & Marketing Officer)

Our “Ambassador of Buzz” is our inspiring and passionate leader responsible for telling our world the story of ThrivingLocally.  Your primarily responsible for enhancing and maintaining the Marketing, brand, and culture of ThrivingLocally.

Additionally, you are charged with crafting and implementing the marketing strategy around the messaging and marketing for customers and vendors that want to buy and sell on our platform.

  • The spirit and experience ThrivingLocally
  • All branding and image management
  • Development of Global Campaigns and Local inspiration and support for Holiday/Seasonal Marketing.
  • Marketing and Promotion Management support and inspiration for our team of local area directors (LAD’s).
  • Development and implementation of marketing strategies to attract customers and vendors to expand the marketplaces.
  • Support, educate, and inspire our Local Area Directors to effectively promote their ThrivingLocally community.
  • Social Media is a big piece of your “domain” so you need to be very embracing of this realm.
  • Guide and develop the micro-business marketing strategies ad materials for our Small Business University and Innovation Centre.







Digital Dynamo (DD) – Currently Recruiting

(aka – Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO)

Our IT guru who is responsible for enhancing and maintaining the IT health of the ThrivingLocally infrastructure and development and integration of new applications (the platform and framework of our communities).

  • System and Code Development
  • Community Site Framework management
  • Server/Hosting  Management
  • Technical support
  • System Application development and integration
  • Leading and coordinating contracted developers








ALSO very important people that make ThrivingLocally what it is….

Local Area Directors

At each ThrivingLocally “Community”




Mainly responsible for overseeing the local operation of ThrivingLocally at their local community in accordance with Executive Team.

  • Recruit and Maintain Local Vendors
  • Recruit and Maintain Local Customers
  • Manage Shipping/Delivery contractor
  • Establish and manage relations with local associations and interest groups that align with ThrivingLocally’s mission
  • Local Community Marketing Management
  • Local Event Management
  • First line of inquiries for your community
  • Manage of Fraudulent Accounts/returns etc.


Pick-up and delivery service providers.

Local drivers at each ThrivingLocally “Community”










Responsible for the distribution of orders items between the Business Vendor and Community Customer.