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There are far more than eight, but here are some of the reason we feel small business can benefit from using the Thriving Locally marketplace.

1. Expose your business locally and nationally

As a member of Thriving Locally, your store will be exposed to our base of customers that normally may not have known you even existed!

2. Bring your business into the 21st century

81% of customers do a Google search for your business before they make their first purchase. Your competitors are already there, don’t let them walk away with your business. Your Thriving store will be indexed in search engines (such as Google) – bringing your products and services out of obscurity.

3. Makes sales while you sleep

Shoppers have access to your Thriving Locally store 24/7 365, with the ability to purchase your items with no assistance from you. When was the last time you made a sale while unconscious?

4. No storefront, no problem.

A bricks and mortar storefront can be very costly and unattainable for many small businesses. An online storefront is the most cost effective way to sell your products and services.

5. The easiest way to an online presence.

Websites are mandatory in today’s digital world, but it’s no easy task, and definitely not cheap. A store on Thriving Locally requires only a few simple steps and immediately allows you to start selling online. At $10 per month, a Thriving Locally store costs about the same as the most basic web hosting and domain registration products.

6. Feel good – Buy local – Support charity – Fight the big box

By selling on Thriving Locally, you can feel good knowing you are making a difference by encouraging local buying and supporting local economies. We have also set-up a charity program where 1% of all sales will go towards various local charities.

7. Points program

Running a reward points program is an awesome way to get repeat business, but doesn’t make sense for most small businesses. Nobody wants to carry a points card for every single business they frequent, but by small business banding together with Thriving Points, your customers will be likely to return and won’t have to carry a purse just for their points cards.

8. Targeted advertising for your business

Thriving Locally is always out finding new customers, so even when you aren’t, lots of new people will be checking out your stuff. The people on Thriving Locally are looking to support businesses just like yours.





Looking to start a business or add eCommerce to your business?

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