At  Ulfhednar, we believe in making a natural, gentle, and genderless product that not only smells and feels good but is good for your skin too with a nerdy twist!

We make everything in small batches using locally sourced, natural ingredients. The scents you smell come from essential oils that we have blended together to create the best aromas, but they also have similar benefits; if a product is meant to calm and soothe, then all of the essential oils that we add will work in harmony together to achieve that. 
Each of our nerdy bath bombs is designed to suit a particular need, whether that is to calm you down, soothe your aches and pains, or to get you feeling excited about your day. Plus, we achieve this with natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin. And they come with fun surprises in them!

We take pride in what we do and are always open to feedback and new ideas. Let us know what you think of our products, what you would like to see us create, and what you want more of! Have a special or large order? Let us know!

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